What is it?

All of my products were designed with sensitive skin in mind. 

But these specific products are safe if you are currently having breakouts...

(athough i do not recommend using them all at once) 

When you are having breakouts you want to avoid anything too irritating or active.

Thats what makes this bundle special,

There are a couple more "active" products in here, such as the niacinamide and vitamin c,

But they are so gentle! I would say use 1 of the water based serums with the barrier serum MAX per routine.  

Why you need it??

Its good to have products in your arsenal you know for a FACT are safe for acneic skin.

Especially when it comes to actives.

There are not many vitamin c serums on the market I would say comfortably safe for acne prone skin, but mine is. 

What this bundle includes:

1. Vitamin C Serum
2. Peptide Serum
3. Niacinamide Serum
4. Barrier Serum

The most perfect, straight to the point formulas

with limited ingredients,

cruelty free & fragrance free

made in the United States

and curated by me, an Esthetician!

Free domestic shipping on this product. 

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