When it comes from soul it doesn't drain, it energizes

The message of the day is...

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Let me tell you, 

I think you can elevate your life. 

I think theres somewhere youre holding back

How do i know? 

Because i've seen a theme amongst my private clients. 

It seems to be going around in the universe right now. 

Heres my message...

If you are bored, uninspired, confused, 

Or have growing resentment in any area of your life, 

You need to evolve that area of your life. 

Its something that is basically dead or trying to die and you are trying to keep it alive out of fear. 

This thing has provided you with a certain level of security,

And you may also be emotionally attached to the thing. 

But the thing needs to evolve. 

It cant be revived at this point and you have to admit it. 

Theres a piece of it that needs to die

I know you feel dependent on it, but that is an optical illusion

You built the thing, its dependent on you, not the reverse

Examine why you are holding onto it

Don’t you hate being mediocre at something?

Because that’s what happens, the things that are supposed to fall out of your life lack momentum

They lack the X factor that creates amazing success

Its frustrating to not be great at something anyways. 

Its frustrating to continually not get your needs met anyways. 

So the fear you have is coming from nowhere

Its like that book "who moved my cheese", same concept. 

When the well is dried up, move asap. 

Dont try to force it. 

It takes us a while though to recognize were at a dried up well. 

But the symptoms are clear:

Your needs are not being met by the thing that used to meet your needs

You’ve grown new needs

Not having your needs met feels like lack of oxygen

So you try to force the thing to be what you want it to be,

What it once was,

When it met all of your needs

But it cant be that thing again

The only option is to go to the next level

To go bigger

It’s the level you’ve wanted to go to but didn’t feel ready for

It’s the level that you intended, the thing you’ve “eventually” wanted to do this whole time

Maybe you felt like you were failing

But you weren’t/aren’t

It’s the opposite, its amazing news actually,

You’ve passed this level and you are destined for something bigger

We already know the fact: you can manifest whatever you decide to manifest

So what can you get your energy behind?

Because if you’re honest, it sure as hell isn’t this thing

You cannot decide to make it successful because you don’t want it

Your soul isn’t in it, you’ve tried

You have to brainstorm what you can get your soul behind

Because that is the thing that will explode

That is the thing that you can decide to manifest

Where creativity and energy will flow naturally and abundantly

The thing that makes you realize, you are actually in control

You always were

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