Time for the TRUTH about acne.


Time for a little spiritual ass kicking today.

Because when it comes to acne, youre not getting it.

I would rather not be the one to have to tell you this!

Because i know it will trigger people 

But i dont have a choice, 

Because it's part of my life's work to teach this. 

And it's going to change your life if you get it. 


Is a choice


Is in your mind

Acne can only be cured when you decide its cured

Thats why I recommend accutane when youre called,

It gives people peace of mind.

But you dont need accutane 

You dont need any particular thing

You need to realize you have control. 

I work with so many of you
Who are frantically searching the earth for a cure
Who cannot sit still because you are always compulsively looking for the next product, technique, expert, medicine, diet
That promises you a cure for your skin
You're trying to micromanage shit that doesn't matter even 1% relative to your acne because it still lives in your mind
You're spiraling.
And guess what
You're not going to find the answer grasping at straws
Because the answer is inside of you
Before you throw up from this trite over simplified "solution"


Because im about to give it structure

A decade ago, i was in a battle with my skin

Which lasted years


Way longer than it needed to.

I was frantically searching the earth for a solution, just like you

Using too many products, 

Wasting so much money

Fucking up my skin

Causing my own breakouts through my neuroses

Until one day, in early 2014

I felt like i woke up out of a motherfucking trance

And had a new brain 

It dawned on me that my acne was "gone"

My face was covered

But it was gone

"Its gone"

"its gone" was the mantra that was downloaded that day

Because when i had acne, i actually felt like i had a curse on me

Because i couldn't make logical sense of it

It was entirely sporadic

No solution ever worked 100%

Sometimes 20%, 80%, but never 100%

It always "reared its ugly head" at an unpredictable time

After I had hoped that i FINALLY found the cure

At which point i would be thwarted into a rage of fear and confusion

So that day... it was gone. 

My acne was completely gone

I suddenly lived in a complete alternate reality 

Where i genuinely believed my acne was gone

And guess what, it was mother fucking gone.

I woke up one day and decided. 

It was... a decision

My acne had existed in my brain

It felt like i had just ordered starbucks,

Ill have a latte. 

Do you want sweetener?

No thanks!

With that sort of simplicity and conviction

Do you want acne? no thanks! Im good.

Changed my mind. 

With zero fear, doubt, etc. 

Just black and white, 

That vibe 

Its not that i never got another breakout, untrue

Ive gotten many pimples since then!

Acne and breaking out are two different things right?

Acne is chronic and a breakout is isolated. 

Today, nothing has changed,

I still operate the same, 

Here are some of my core beliefs. 

I have a core belief that its not a thing for me

I have a core belief that breakouts can barely last on me

They just like die before they even grow

I have a core belief that i always know where my breakouts come from and they are entirely controllable

I have a core belief that "its gone"

And present day, 2 things are true:

When I breakout, I know exactly where it came from/what triggered it

And, i give zero actual fucks

Because my acne is mother fucking gone (And yours can be to the moment you realize this.)

And its controllable

I always have control over how my skin looks. 

So there's nothing to be triggered about. 

It wasnt seeing a shaman, or doing ayahuasca, or eating the right diet, obtaining the right product, taking the right supplement, cleaning my phone properly drinking more water, changing my pillowcase (insert futile micromanagey behavior adjustment that is never the source of your breakouts)

No loves. 

It was me changing my mind and deciding on a new outcome. 

A new lens


BTW this is NOT just unique to acne

This is how anything and everything is transformed

I practice it with anything i want to manifest

How did i cure my acne

I fucking decided it was over for me

You can decide TODAY to eradicate it

You can decide TODAY your acne has left the building

If you can get your energy there,

Thats all you need to do

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