Probiotics in Skincare

Probiotics have been known to help in digestive health, but what about skin? The skin’s surface is complicated, with many tiny facets working together to produce the protective layer covering every surface of the body. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that regulate the environment of your stomach and skin. These good bacteria provide numerous benefits for the skin, and they’ll be discussed below for those that are thinking of adding probiotics to their regimen.
Probiotic bacteria exist to strengthen the immune system, fight damage to the body, and regulate acidity within the body. They also work with the bacteria in our intestines to keep them balanced and healthy. Most probiotics are found on the market in yogurts and dairy food products, but these same bacteria are now known to effectively help the skin.
Probiotic bacteria have been shown to reduce inflammation in skin, stabilizing environments that exhibit redness or acne. Lactobacillus, a bacterium commonly found in yogurt, is highly effective at treating acne. Discoveries continue to be found, with more and more benefits of probiotics coming to light.
As mentioned above, probiotics keep the bacteria in our intestines balanced. They do the same for the skin, and studies show that applying a probiotic product daily produces antimicrobial peptides that work to kill harmful bugs and bacteria on skin. The surface of the skin is your body’s protective barrier, keeping you from infection each and every moment of life. When the surface comes in contact with foreign materials, like allergens, probiotics fight off the triggers of allergens and materials that cause acne.
Many products are too harsh for skin, and when it comes to the health of skin there’s no room for any harsh chemicals or cleansers. Probiotics don’t strip the skin of essential oils, they actually help strengthen the skin’s surface. This strengthening effect reduces signs of aging and improves hydration of the skin. Probiotics are also ideal for sensitive skin, as they reduce sensitivity and itching as well as more unpleasant effects of having sensitive skin.
See your skin in its most radiant and glowing state by incorporating probiotics into your daily routine. They are known to reduce inflammation, redness, dry skin, and other problems like psoriasis. Probiotics are soothing to the skin instead of harsh and can be used daily to strengthen the surface of skin and reduce sensitivity.