How to get what you want in life?

Let’s talk about issues let’s talk about the issues that keep coming up in your life in patterns

Meaning things that bother you that keep recurring that you cant figure out how to overcome

If you're single, dating is a good example of this

Where you keep running into the same type of partner

But this applies to all areas of life, and i like to apply it to skin

So when we keep experiencing the same unwanted experience, 

This indicates an error in our thought pattern

A misaligned expectation

Perception that is skewed and working against you

Because it’s not the world that needs to change,

It’s not the world that has a problem

It’s the way that you see things

Someone else has a completely different experience than you

So how do you change the way you see things?

First you become aware that the experience you're having is a choice,

Then you decide how you want to see things instead. 

Once you declare what you want to experience, you'll likely be bombarded by an onslaught of limiting beliefs

You cant have that, thats unrealistic, that is not possible, etc. 

Then you disprove those limiting beliefs and watch as your reality shifts,

But this process of watching your reality shift might take a long time,

And during that interim, you will lose hope, you will lose patience, you will get negative, you will think its not working

But then you'll feel see glimpses of change sprinkled in between

This waiting period, is just the winter season

After you’ve planted the seeds, they need some time while they germinate and get ready to grow

This could be several months, several days, several years depending on the magnitude of the seed that you’ve planted and your expectations

During this winter season, you're constantly negotiating yourself out of your current reality

Reminding yourself what you've chosen 

We’re co-creating with the universe,

Sometimes pace isn’t just up to us,

Sometimes we’re waiting on those forces that create with us,

We’re waiting for things to align based on the pace of our co-creators

So what in your reality is some thing that annoys you that you want to change? Is it a repeating scenario?

You’re the X factor

Take responsibility for your experience...realize that it does always come back to you

This doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you,

It just means that if you want to get the results,

Especially if you wanna get them effortlessly, easily,

Go for the energy

Find out what it is within you that’s creating this recurring experience

You could be using manifestation principles all day 

And your manifestation efforts may be guiding you through the mud,

And you'll think, this bullshit is not what i asked for!

But through the mud may be where you need to go to become the person you need to be in order to receive the reality you've chosen.

Your manifestation is working

It’s forcing you to deal with the underlying energies

Your triggers are your teachers is one of my most favorite sayings

By noticing your triggers, and diving deep within them, you get to see yourself from a different perspective

You get to tap in to your subconscious mind

And you get to address your energy road blocks at their route 

This is the process Im taking you through in the Clear Skin Blueprint, my brand new course that helps you overcome relentless breakouts at the root

This process can be applied to any area of your life, but in the Clear Skin Blueprint we apply it specifically to skin.


Here are some things you can expect from the course:

-Create patterns of thinking, behaving and believing that allow clear skin to become your reality.

-Release past trauma that is affecting your current reality with skin

-Dramatically reduce present breakouts through an instantaneous leveling up by virtue of entering this space and using the approved skincare routine & diet

-Working through and removing your limiting ideas around what is possible for you

-Setting clear goals and have a strong conviction you can accomplish said goals like you never before imagined you could.

-Understanding the principles of manifestation and quantum leaping then applying these techniques to attracting your clear skinned destiny

-Choosing the energies you want to experience in your current reality

-Deciding your breakouts are gone, leveling up your thought patterns, and watching your reality transform around you

-Have numerous realizations that will pattern interrupt and alter the way you think


Your skin issues have a root cause

We can eradicate that root cause


I've made payment plans available as well.

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